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We aim to provide students interested in data science opportunities to grow personally, intellectually, professionally, and socially among a support network of students, professors, and professionals.

Who We Are

Carolina Analytics & Data Science (CADS) is the largest data science student organization at UNC-Chapel Hill! CADS provides UNC students the opportunity to learn more about Data Science, connect with data science resources and opportunities, and meet fellow students, as well as potential mentors, interested in data science.

CADS hosts weekly workshops, events, career panels, social events, and more! We cater to all comfort levels as well – more adept aspiring data scientists will have the chance to learn new skills and network with more people, and complete beginners will have the chance to learn the basics and get started in the vast field of data science.


September 30th – October 1st

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Carolina Data Challenge (CDC)! CDC our weekend-long data science hackathon hosted in partnership with the UNC Department of Computer Science. CDC brings together hundreds of participants from across campus, numerous corporate sponsors, tons of free food as well as merch, and hundreds of dollars of prizes!

CDC is completely beginner-friendly, with numerous workshops and networking opportunities for those completely new to data science. We are excited to see you there!

Latest CADS Events

Browse some of our most recent workshops here.

Odum Institute Workshop

April 19th @ 7:30PM

Careers in Data Science Panel

April 12th @ 7:30PM

Diving into Data Journalism

March 29th @ 7:30PM

Intro to Spacial Data with Python

March 1st @ 7:30PM

Making March Not So Mad

Feb 22nd @ 7:30PM


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