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Upcoming Event

Meet the Odum Institute

April 19th, 2023 at 7:30PM | Remote – Zoom

Located on the second floor of Davis, the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science has you covered, regardless of whether or not you’re majoring in the social sciences. Join us via Zoom in learning about what the institute can do for you in the final stretch of the semester!

Past Events

Meet the Odum Institute

April 19th – 7:30PM

Careers in Data Science Panel

April 12th – 7:30PM

Diving into Data Journalism

March 29th – 7:30PM

Intro to Spatial Data in Python

March 1st – 7:30PM

Making March Not So Mad

Feb 22nd – 7:30PM

Ethical Issues in Data Science

Feb 15th – 7:30PM

R Shiny Workshop

Jan 25th – 7:30PM

End of Semester Social

Nov 17th – 7:00PM

Intro to Bioinformatics

Nov 9th – 7:00PM

Intro to APIs with HackNC

Nov 2nd – 7:00PM

Sports Analytics in R

Oct 26th – 7:00PM

RStudio: Python and Quarto

Oct 12th – 7:00PM

Introduction to Tableau

Oct 5th – 7:00PM

Dataiku Live Demo

Sept 28th – 7:00PM

Intro to Python and Pandas

Sept 7th – 7:00PM